Travel information

MarseilleMapLuminyThe campus of Luminy is located in the South of Marseille. It can be reached via two bus lines: line 21 or line 24. These lines are also connected to metro stations, on Metro Line 2. Line 21 can be taken from the metro station « Rond-Point du Prado ». Line 24 can be taken from the metro station « Dromel – Sainte-Marguerite ». More information can be found here : RTM

The train station located in the centre of the city is Marseille – Saint Charles. It is connected to the airport via shuttles (each 20 min) and to the metro. For getting Luminy from the train station, take the metro line 2 in direction of Dromel Ste Marguerite. Then take bus 21 or bus 24 as previously described.

The airport is Marseille – Provence. From the airport, you can reach the train station by shuttles each 20 min, the travel is around 25 min long.